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Vintage Radio RESOURCES
High Voltage Film & Electrolytic Capacitors for Tube Radios
RESISTORS for Tube Radios
resistor_kits Resistor KITS

resistor_kits Vintage Tube Radio Dial Belts
Phil's old Radios...Antique Radios and Memorabilia
Reproduction Manual & Paper Items via the RADIOLAGUY
RADIOPISTOIA... nice Italian radio site in choice of English or Italiano
Capacitor KITS for Tube Radio Restorations

ABC's of Safety Capacitors for Tube Radios
NOS Multi-Section Twist-Lock Electrolytic Capacitors
Dial Belts and Dial Cord for Vintage Tube Radios
Capacitor Clamps for Vertical Mount Can type Electrolytic Capacitors
Vintage Music Company Repairs and Restores all types of Home Tube Audio Equipment
Vintage PA and Audio Amplifier Schematics and Service Data
The World of High Fidelity
Early Transistor Radio Circuit Diagrams
Circuit Specialists Soldering Stations

Antique Radio Tubes...sells tubes, antique radios & misc. radio items
The Invention of Two-Way Radio
Capacitor KITS for Tube Radio Restorations
Test Reports and Reviews: jb JFX Premium Metallized Polypropylene Capacitors
Grill Cloth Reproductions
Tube Radio Repair...Antique Radio Repair and Restoration
Camden Antique Radio Service
World Tube Company - New and Used Vacuum Tubes
Antique Radio Repair and Restorations ... Classis Radio Restorations out of St. Louis ,MO
Tubetec Analogue Electronics...valve and hybred specialist
Vintage Electronics...Sales and Service of Vintage Stereo Equipment
Addison Radio Service Information
Vintage HAM / CB Radio Schematics / Service Info
Old Car Radio Schematics
The Old Radio fixer-upper Guy...will fix almost any radio
JustRadios Reviews
Old TV Schematics & Service Manuals
Vintage Radio...Antique Radio Repair and Restoration
Restoration of a 1938 Philco Radio...see how it is done - start to finish
Western Wireless Company...Cliff specializes in "old tube type" auto radio repairs & restorations
Electronixand of Jon's Antique Radios and More
Halligan's Hallicrafters International...This site is dedicated to all fans of Vintage Hallicrafters Radios !
RADIOCRAFT...the Real Thing in Vintage Radio
Comunidad Electronicos...La comunidad de los especialalistas en reparaciones electronicas
Heat Shrink Spaghetti Tubing for Tube Electronics
Polystyrene Audiophile Capacitors
Service Data for Modular Hi-Fi and Stereo Components
Service Information for Older 8-Track and Cassette Players/Recorders
Schematics and Service Info for Tape Recorders (Reel to Reel, Cassette and Cartridge)
Tom's Antique Radio Repair
The Old Radio Shop
Bob's Radio and TV vintage auto radio expert out of California
PayPal Capacitor Shopping Cart
2CO Capacitor Shopping Cart
Condenser Shopping Cart
Antique AutoRadio Madness
Antique Electronic Supply
micas Silver Mica Capacitors... 500 volt dipped silver mica capacitors now available
Antique Radio Classified
Antique Radio Resources
Antique Radio Forum
T-SAN Electronics...premiere source for your electronics needs
MOROTOLA online mall...Motorola two way radios, batteries, accessories & more
Capacitor uf-nF-pf Conversion Chart...a handy chart to tape this to your workbench
Brent Jessee tubes and more
SALS Capacitors...Solid Aluminum Capacitors
Schematics and Service Information for Baldwin Electronic Tube Organs
TubeGlow Amplification...hand built guitar and harp amplifiers and DIY parts
Rogers Type M Radio Tube Substitution Information
Play Things of Past...has good selection of transformers for old radios
Superfly's Website ... CB Radio Tips and Tricks
Fusslin Verlag - German Radio Book Publisher
Old Time Radio Show Catalog
Tubes @ supplier who sells world-wide
Buffer Capacitors for Vintage Car Radios
Classic Radio of the most professional radio web sites out there
Antique Radios Inc....sells ARBE-III Universal Battery Eliminator
General Antique Radio Links from KOAJPM
DIY Tube Guitar Amp Page
Super information from Spain talking machines, music boxes, 78 RPM and cylinder records
Condensers for Tube Radios


Vintage Radio CLUBS

Michigan Antique Radio Club (MARC)...JustRadios is a proud Sponsor of the MARC website
Pittsburgh Antique Radio Society
Australian Vintage Radio Society Inc.
Historical Radio Society of Australia
Ottawa Vintage Radio Club (OVRC)
The Antique Radio Club of Illinois
Antique Wireless Association (AWA)
Southeast Antique Radio Society...based in Atlanta Georgia. Great a web site!
New Jersey Antique Radio Club
Houston Vintage Radio Association
California Historical Radio Society (CHRS)
Victor Amateur Radio Association (VARA)
London (Canada) Vintage Radio Club (LVRC)
Northland Antique Radio Club (NARC)
Ontario (aka Toronto) Vintage Radio Association


Vintage Radio and Electronics MUSEUMS, COLLECTIONS & SALES
The Pavek Museum of Broadcasting
Hank's Radioland
Radio Historia from Slovakia
Bill's Repair Bench...see some nice restorations
Antique Radio Pictures
Radio Collectors - Radio World
Virtual Valve Museum
Early Television Museum
Radiomuseum...Old radios and antique radios for collectors>
Early Wireless...dedicated to the miracle of wireless commumication
McIntosh - A Tradition of Excellence...specializing in quality McIntosh audio components
OldAutoRadio...Radios for Oldtimer & Classic Cars
Pro Acoustics ...ceiling, in-wall & cabinet sprakers, amplifiers, microphones and more ....The complete Consumer Electronics Store Online
CommUSA ... Two-Way Radios - Wireless Networking - CCTV - Accessories
Virtual Museum of Old Radios in Czechoslovakia
AudioSold, Audiophile Auction Auctions of High End Audio & Vintage Audio
Radiola Guy - Vintage Radio & TV...sales and great resources
the Radio Attic...find your old radio here!
Radio Days...a Soundbite History thanks to James Widner
John Pelham's Antique Radio Collection
F6BLK.NET....see some "beautiful" 1921-1927 receivers
CB Museum
Collectics Antiques and Collectibles


Vintage Radio and Electronics DIRECTORIES
HotVsNot.Com Web Directory - Web Resources that includes Electronics and Electrical
Music Mod...a Valuable Music Directory and Information Resource
The DXZone... Amateur Radio Internet Guide
vintage antique radiosThe biggest vintage and antique resource directory on the web.
AC6V's...Amateur Radio and DX Reference Guide
ePanorama ... all about electronics
World Tube Audio Portal

Do you repair vintage tube radios for others? Do you guarantee you work? Do you use guaranteed Capacitors & Resistors from JustRadios? If you would like to be listed below, please let us know. This section of our LINKS page is for those of you that are service professionals, but do not have a web-site.

Bridge Audio Service - Chris Bridge services "stereo equipment", tube and solid state - 905-877-7969 Email: (Georgetown, Ont.)
Antique Jukebox Restauration - Elvezio Mazza specializes in vintage tube Jukebox restorations - 450-474-4388 (Quebec, Canada)
Classic Radio Repair & More - by John De Wit. Pre 1980 (non digital) Radios. 519-777-7261 Email: (London, Ont.)
ROSS Antique Radios (Tube Radios & Hand Cranked Record Players) - Paul Ross 905-937-4538 (St Catherines, Ont.)
Vintage Radio and Electronics Repairs by Jim Lindenas 416-786-7002 Email: (Barie/Orillia/Muskoka, Ont.)
Antique Radio & TV Shop - has website link on this page - Tony Bartunek 705-723-5333 (Allenford, Ont.)
Transformer Rewinds- Don Tutt offers the rare art of "Transformer Rewinding" : 604-824-5711 (Chilliwack, BC)
Radio Hospital - Guaranteed Auto Radio Restorations by John Gillespie : 905-389-9843 (Hamilton, Ont.)
Hall Electronics - specializes in Delco radios and analog signal generator restorations: A. Hall (Cornelius, Oregon) Email:Ashley at
Tube Radio Repair Specialist - Michael Lewis - Oregon, WI, USA - email:

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